Bront Machining, Inc.

Flagel Huber Flagel (FHF) has supported Bront Machining, Inc. with their changing accounting needs through three generations of leadership.

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For nine years before starting Bront Machining in 1973, Gary Warlaumont worked his regular job during the day, then did specialty machining work during the evenings in his garage. In 1973, he knew it was time to make a move. He shares, “I had one foot on the dock and one foot on the boat. I knew eventually I had to step one way or the other. Finally, I just got too busy working after work, and I found enough nerve to go on my own.”

After moving out of the garage, Bront has since moved 4 times in the last 50 years – each time to progressively larger buildings to house the growing company. With growth, came a more complex operation that required more sophisticated support. That’s why 25 years ago, Gary started working with FHF. Joe Gordon, FHF Partner, says, “We have done so many different services over the years for Bront. They are a model client in terms of how a CPA can help an entrepreneurial business. We proactively bring them ideas and they listen. It is a collaborative, hands on relationship, but in the end, they trust our accounting expertise, and they focus on operating and growing their business.”

In 2012, Gary’s son Brian took over primary leadership of Bront Machining. Gary shares, “I remember as a kid, Brian would come in the shop and drill holes in his toy Army figures, and now he’s running the company. I have to say that it is not always easy – when your children come in. It was hard for me in the beginning. Then over time I found out – as the “old guy” – that Brian had some pretty good ideas.” With emotion edging his voice, Gary adds, “I think he’s better at running things than I ever was.”


FHF’s Gordon shares, “First Gary led the business, now Brian, and next Brian’s daughter Kalynn and her husband Patrick are joining the business. Entrepreneurs have complex and changing needs – and that has been true of Bront over the years. I find it rewarding that FHF always has someone on staff with the expertise to meet those needs. I love when we grow and change with our clients.”

Over the last 25 years, FHF has provided numerous services including business and personal tax compliance and planning work, payroll compliance, Covid PPP loan support, setting up a retirement plan, support when setting up a new accounting system, and help with employee retention credits.

Gordon adds, “We’ve done a lot together over the years. I’m most proud of the work we did 5 years ago when we helped them navigate a big change from a C Corp to an S Corp to take significant advantage of tax law changes.”


As Gary thinks back to 50 years ago when he “took one foot off the dock” and stepped fully into the unknowns of entrepreneurship, he says “Really smart people know all the pitfalls of owning your own business, but back then I didn’t know them all. I thought you just started a business, worked hard and there you go. That’s kinda what I did. I just poured hard work and many hours into this company. While a lot of things have changed over the years, I don’t think that has. The only difference is that today I see my son pour himself into this company.”


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