FHF Employees Give Back By Working the Polls

Flagel Huber Flagel (FHF) encourages their employees to serve their communities, to step up when they see a need, and to give back when they can.

When Mike Pabst, CPA and Tax Specialist at FHF, saw a need he responded.

In early August, Mike was hearing about a need for more poll workers since election day will be held in the midst of a pandemic. Most of the poll workers at Mike’s own voting location have historically been in what is considered an “at risk” group of Americans. Mike says, “I was reading the news and hearing advertisements about the need for more poll workers. I was also hearing a lot of concerns about in-person voting during a pandemic. And I thought ‘Well, I can be a poll worker.’”

Mike thought there might be an even bigger opportunity to have an impact, so he reached out to the FHF leadership team and suggested the idea for the broader team.

Mike shares, “Randy (Kuvin, FHF Managing Partner), and all the leaders at FHF encourage us to be involved in our communities. They really believe we are better as individuals and as a firm when we give back.” So, when Mike sent an email to Randy suggesting this idea for the broader team, the response was immediate. Randy let the entire organization know that they could take advantage of this opportunity while using no time off.

Says Mike, “FHF has always encouraged civic and community support. They are receptive and responsive, and they really believe that every person at every level can make a difference.”

Thank you to Mike and others on our FHF team for all you do for our communities.