This week, our #FlagelFriday Employee Spotlight introduces you to Kimberly Barber, Administrative Assistant at FHF.  Kim has been with the firm for seven months.  Read on to learn more about Kim and her interests…

Kimberly K. Barber, Administrative Assistant

Employee Spotlight: Kimberly K. Barber

Favorite part about working at Flagel Huber Flagel: The people!  Our clients are so awesome, and our staff is amazing and incredibly supportive.

Area of expertise at Flagel. What do you help people to do? As the only Administrative Assistant in our Cincinnati Office, I wear many hats – If it needs done and I can do it, I’ll do it!

Favorite way to spend your time:  My kids and I do lots of things – We’re a water family, so that’s how we’ve spent most of our summer; from swimming to playing down on the river, to exploring nature.  I love taking pictures, so we always find interesting sights to stop and see.  My kids are the best little explorers a Mom could have!  Last summer, we drove from Ohio to California to visit my family.  The kids were awesome the entire time in the car.  Our next planned journey will be Philadelphia and Boston because we love history!  We’ve been all over the Underground Railroad Trail and other historical places in Ohio.

What is your personal/family life like?  I have three beautiful, smart, crazy and fun kids that take up all my time when I’m not at work.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  They teach me something new every day!

Favorite movie/band/musician/TV Show? Movies:  Mary Poppins and Pocahontas.  Musician:  Chris LeDoux.  TV Show:  Golden Girls