We’d like to introduce you to Julie Kline, CPA.  Julie is a Director here at FHF. This July will be her 25th anniversary with us! Read on to learn more about Julie and her interests!

Julie Kline, CPA


Education: Miami University, Bachelor of Science in Business.

Family:  Julie grew up in Akron where her dad, sister, and brother still live. She is the “lost sheep” sheep of her family having moved to Cincinnati after school. But don’t worry, many of her best friends from college also settled in the Cincinnati area with her!

Favorite part about working at Flagel Huber Flagel: The most fulfilling part of working at FHF is the relationships she has with her clients.  She has known some of them for all 25 years she has been with the firm!  She likes being able to explain tax and accounting concepts to people when “numbers” isn’t their first language!

Favorite way to spend your time:  Julie has been singing in church choirs since the age of 8.  Currently, she sings 1st soprano at Christ Church Cathedral and can still hit a high C (anything above that just sounds like a mouse squeak). She thinks music performance goes hand and hand with accounting; they are both mathematical.

She also loves to travel and try to get out of the country once a year. This past holiday season she got to combine her two passions by singing daily services at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin (see picture).

Favorite TV show: GOT (everyone ready for the final season?).  Anything an anglophile would love…Downton Abbey, The Crown, etc.

Fun fact: Julie has traveled to over 25 countries and the continent of Antarctica.  She only has Australia left to be in the “7 continents club”!