This week, our #FlagelFriday Employee Spotlight introduces you to Daniela Fisher, CPA at FHF. Daniela has been with the firm for 2 ½ years!  Read on to learn more about Daniela and her interests…

Daniela A. Fisher, CPA

Employee Spotlight: Daniela Fisher

Education:  Wright State University, Accounting

Favorite part about working at Flagel Huber Flagel: Working at Flagel has been great because I have the opportunity to work alongside some very intelligent and personable individuals. I also very much enjoy the flexibility they allow in my work schedule.

Area of expertise at Flagel. What do you help people to do? I haven’t been in my career long enough to really pick a specific area of expertise. I’m continuing to enjoy assisting in both tax and audit work in a variety of industries and using my critical thinking to provide quality service to our clients.

Favorite way to spend your time:  In my free time I enjoy playing sand volleyball, going to FC Cincinnati Soccer games, attending a variety of concerts and festivals, walking anywhere outdoors, and people watching in coffee shops and cafés.

What is your personal/family life like?  My life outside of Flagel involves spending a lot of time socializing with my energetic and fearless friends and traveling to see my beloved family.

Fun Fact: My favorite pets are guinea pigs.

Favorite movie/band/musician/TV Show? Movie: Finding Nemo, Band: Anything 90s, TV Show: Friends, The Office, Parks and Rec, New Girl, Jane the Virgin and Queer Eye.