Winans Chocolates + Coffees

Wilson Reiser, CEO of Winans Chocolates + Coffees, appreciates the ability of Flagel Huber Flagel (FHF) to flex with their needs as he leads Winans to a new era of growth.

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Fifth generation entrepreneur and CEO & Owner of Winans since 2021, shares this about entrepreneurship, “There is something that becomes genetically embedded when you grow up around entrepreneurs. You get extremely comfortable with things that others are not so comfortable with – being accountable for income and health care. Even sometimes doing without those things. I has a promising career in law, but I was yearning for that entrepreneurial environment where I could take risks and do something different every day.”

Reiser answered that call in 2020, when he left his successful law career to help his parents manage Winans through the tumultuous Covid years. He has never looked back. In 2021, his parents officially retired and sold Winans to Reiser.

Reiser has been with FHF since the beginning of his entrepreneurial
journey, and he started with specific ideas about what he wanted in an
accounting firm. “I was looking for a firm with a local nerve center. I
wanted to be able to meet face to face. I wanted them to be large enough
that they had the resources and expertise and people to be a long-term

Matt Jones, FHF Partner adds, “FHF perfectly fits the structure of
entrepreneurial businesses. We embrace that family-owned business
ambience while being big enough to effectively meet the complex needs
of growing businesses. An owner doesn’t have to go to 3 firms to get an
audit done, get their taxes done, and get their consulting needs met. In a
brief time, we’ve already been able to flex our service to Winans in a
variety of areas – adapting quickly to their changing needs.”

Jones continues, “Early on we did a beginning compilation of financial
statements, a 1 st year audit, employee retention credit consulting, and
Jeff Woeste from our team helped Winans navigate some Covid-era tax
matters. Then in early 2023, Winans long-standing, critical, and
beloved, COO – Amy Snyder, tragically passed away. We asked them
what they needed to ensure operational continuity. What they needed
was someone on site. So, Connie Donovan from our FHF team
stepped up and has been working with them on site, 2 days a week, as
a fractional Controller. In a few months, if they no longer need that
support, that’s fine. I love that FHF is both flexible and caring enough to
adjust quickly as needed.”

Reiser adds, “Right now is an incredible time of both transition and
transformation for Winans. As I look forward, I know that with our
growing sophistication and footprint we will have more complicated tax,
real estate, and capital expenditure considerations. As entrepreneurial
companies grow a key challenge is having needs that you cannot meet
alone. That’s okay if you have the right partners in place. Advice from
the right partner can save you months or years of having challenging
issues that they can solve right away.”

As Winans Chocolates + Coffees grows, Reiser embraces the
entrepreneurial complexities of growth while staying grounded in a rich
family heritage. “Our focus remains on offering not just culinary delights
but cherished moments of joy and togetherness. Whether that’s the
kindness and community that – literally and figuratively – fills your cup
with coffee, or the celebration of a special meal or momentous
occasion with chocolate, both offer a moment of deliciousness. In the
end, that’s why we do what we do. I love being an entrepreneur.”


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