Mason Deerfield Chamber

Randy Kuvin, Managing Partner of Flagel Huber Flagel (FHF) and Sherry Taylor, CEO of the Mason Deerfield Chamber (MADE), share a common belief that small businesses are the engine that helps communities thrive.

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A Shared Passion for Small Businesses


Sherry Taylor has been CEO of MADE since 2014. Prior to her leadership, MADE was a volunteer led organization with over 600 member companies, an increasingly complex operational mandate, and a bit of an identity crisis. From day one, Taylor tapped into her deep well of passion and energy, her experience running another chamber, and her ability to attract like-minded business leaders willing to work together to manifest the vision of MADE as a catalyst organization helping businesses thrive and the community prosper.

Taylor shares, “I’m a big, passionate nerd! I was thinking about how, over the course of the next 10 to 15 years, we could build a transformational partner mindset. Through our efforts as a chamber, how could we shape our community and our business landscape?”

That is when her path crossed with Kuvin who had been a MADE member since 1992. Kuvin and Taylor recognized in each other a kindred spirit. Kuvin shares, “The FHF mission is to build lifelong prosperity for our clients, their employees, their families, other businesses, and the community. That virtuous cycle that we focus on, is very much aligned with the views and mission of MADE.”

Mason Deerfield Chamber
Sherry Taylor, CEO Mason Deerfield Chamber
Randy Kuvin, CPA
Randy Kuvin, Managing Partner Flagel Huber Flagel

How We Entered The Picture

FHF and MADE share a vision that thriving businesses means a thriving community, and vice-versa.

A Virtuous Cycle with a Common Goal

Kuvin is so passionate about the role small businesses can have on the community that, for years, he has volunteered his time and talent to support MADE. Eventually MADE hired FHF as their accounting firm. Says Kuvin, “We leverage our nonprofit accounting expertise to do general business consulting and tax and accounting work for MADE. Our missions are so well aligned, and their membership is comprised of the quintessential FHF clients. Working with them keeps us in touch and in tune with our clients’ needs, and it enables me to have a bigger impact.”

Beyond accounting, Kuvin and Taylor have partnered to advocate for small businesses and have worked to improve the relationship the chamber has with local government. Says Kuvin, “It is important for local officials to consider the effect of their decisions on the business community. Through MADE, the voice of businesses could be represented in front of the elected officials.”

Taylor adds, “From a strategic standpoint, Randy and I share the view that businesses and community are interdependent. We advocate on behalf of our members to make sure government policies are not harmful to the local business community. We are working together to build a virtuous cycle of success – when businesses succeed, the community becomes more attractive. And when a community is more attractive, more businesses want to establish there.”

Taylor’s focus is on the long game where MADE is a catalyst to build a community where future businesses want to come, current businesses want to stay, and families want to live. She knows that can’t happen alone. “We succeed when really-smart, busy people give more. That is Randy. He leans in. He shows up. He gives time. He gives talent. I love that our missions are intertwined, and that we stay true to our commitments to each other. The magic comes from constantly being okay with stepping out of the things that are written and being willing to give more.”

Onward and upward for this incredible organization.

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