Litigation Support

At Flagel Huber Flagel, we have the credentials, experience and ability to communicate opinions to the court in a clear and convincing manner. We offer creative ideas, innovative strategies, experienced experts, state-of-the-art systems and a tradition of financial leadership.

Services Provided

  • Damage studies
  • Contract and personal injury damage assessment
  • Lost profits and earnings
  • Commercial damages
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Fraud examinations
  • Potential fraud analysis
  • Investigative accounting
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Computer forensics, e-discovery & data recovery
  • Bankruptcy & business reorganization

Flagel Huber Flagel is an industry leader in litigation support.

  • Our experts have testified as experts in hundreds of cases.
  • Our experts receive extensive training and continuing education to keep up with industry standards and case law.
  • Our experts are all Accredited Business Valuators (ABV or BVAL certified) & CPA’s.
  • Our experts also hold other designations including: Certified Fraud Examiner, Business Valuator, Accredited in Litigation, Diplomat in the American Board of Forensic Examiners/Accountants, EnCase Certified Examiner, Certified Computer Examiner and  Access Data Certified Examiner.
  • Our team is continually being asked to give presentations and lectures to various local and regional organizations.

Our Litigation Support & Computer Forensics Team
Terry L. Yoho,
CPA/ABV, MA, CFE, CFF Director of Valuation Services
James R. Hochwalt, CPA-ABV, FACFA, FACFEI, CFF, Partner
Randall S. Kuvin, CPA-ABV, CFF, Managing Partner
David P. Dirksen, CPA-ABV, Partner