It’s Time to Review Your Financial Planning Options

Fall is a good time to pause and review your financial planning strategy. A lot can happen in a year. If your personal life, market conditions or tax laws have changed, you may need to revise your long-term financial plans. Here are some retirement and estate planning considerations that may be worthwhile. IRS Proposal Threatens Discounts on Transfers of Family-Owned Business For Continue Reading

Tax Season and the New Year

In many ways, tax season is similar to the New Year. How could that be? Tax season is full of anxiety and deadlines, whereas New Year's is full of parties and fun. The similarity is that, like New Year's, tax season is a time when many of us evaluate the last year and make resolutions for the year ahead. Although many of us dread tax season, it is a good time to focus on our financial goals. At Continue Reading

What Are You Trying to Accomplish with Your Money?

With the financial media bombarding us with investment ideas, we are flooded with tips on how to accumulate wealth. However, you should first decide what your money means to you. Do you know why you are investing, or are you using a haphazard strategy to try to achieve an unclear set of goals? We have found there are five financial goals common to most people:   To retire Continue Reading