Is Your Company’s Vacation and Holiday Policy Working as Planned?

Presumably you have a holiday and vacation policy already in place. But what if it's not working well for your company or your employees? For example, if it's vague, you may have to make decisions on the spot when an employee asks for days off at a time that is inconvenient for you and possibly for other members of your team. That can result in hard feelings if you have to say no, or extra work Continue Reading

Your Company May Benefit from a PTO Bank

WorldatWork, the HR professional society, has been surveying its members for over a decade on this topic. In its most recent "Paid Time off Programs and Practices" report, within some demographic groups, a majority of employers now merge those paid time off (PTO) components. That creates a "combined bucket of available days to be used by employees … at their own discretion." One benefit of this Continue Reading

Take Another Look at Paid Sick Leave

In recent months, several states and localities have passed laws to mandate paid sick leave. Here's an update: California and Massachusetts each have passed required sick leave laws that kick in on July 1, 2015. They follow Connecticut, which became the first state to require certain employers to provide paid sick leave in 2012. The Oregon legislature recently passed a law, which is Continue Reading