Sales Tax Consulting & Compliance

Sales tax regulations form an intricate maze of complexity. Automation can help your organization keep up with changing rules and rates. But software on its own won’t correct flawed internal processes or incorrect interpretation of existing tax law. Flagel Huber Flagel can help you stay on top of sales  tax processes and reduce your risk of noncompliance, audit, and penalties and interest.  We apply knowledge gained from working with thousands of clients to your unique business situation and guide you toward paying your “fair share” of sales tax.

Our Services

  • Sales tax refund recovery studies
  • Sales tax return preparation or assistance
  • Application for refunds of sales tax overpayment
  • Recommendation and implementation guidance for best practices to improve sales tax compliance and bring consistency to sales tax determinations
  • Consultation regarding methods for reducing internal processing time for determining taxability and tax rates and maximization of sales tax exemptions
  • Forecast of future sales tax expenses

Avoid potential penalties, interest and ultimately headaches by letting Flagel Huber Flagel handle all your sales tax needs.  If you want over 80 years of experience on your side, contact us today.

Our Tax Team
Bruce G. Kreinbrink, CPA, CFP, Partner
James R. Hochwalt, CPA, ABV, FACFA, FACFEI, CFF, Partner
Jeffrey M. Woeste, CPA, Partner
Linda B. Hadley, CPA, MBA, Manager