Income Tax Planning & Projections

Taxes represent one of the two inevitables. Keeping individual and business clients from being taxed to death is one of our most important roles. Our commitment is two-fold: to offer clients the highest quality of professional and technically innovative advice in a timely manner and, at the same time, to build and maintain close client relationships.  Whether you are an individual or a multi-tiered partnership, our experienced staff can develop tax strategies that take advantage of new tax laws and legislation.

We take an integrated approach and know that real tax savings go beyond tax compliance but is realized by a disciplined approach to year-round tax planning and development of year-end tax strategies. We offer creative tax planning strategies that compliment short- and long-term objectives and will minimize the total tax burden of companies, owners, key employees, and families. We will also advise you on appropriate courses of action in response to changing tax laws. We like to create history rather than record it, and we concentrate on responding to your needs. 

Our Services  
Event-driven tax planning:

  • Traditional tax planning, undertaken upon the occurrence of certain life events such as starting a new business, making an investment decision, selling property, or taking a retirement plan distribution

Comprehensive tax planning:

  • Planning services, updated as necessary to reflect changes in  your situation or goals as well as the tax environment

Tax projections:

  • We can perform tax projections to estimate your tax liability to eliminate surprises of large balances due or significant penalties when it’s time to file

As a firm with 80 years experience we are experts in business, tax and financial matters. You can be assured that the assistance you receive comes from years of experience and specialized training in money matters and in helping clients like yourself with their tax, business planning, retirement, investment, and accounting needs.

Our Tax Team
Bruce G. Kreinbrink, CPA, CFP, Partner
James R. Hochwalt, CPA, ABV, FACFA, FACFEI, CFF, Partner
Jeffrey M. Woeste, CPA, Partner
Linda B. Hadley, CPA, MBA, Manager