Wrap Up Last-Chance Tax Breaks for 2013

The holiday season can be a difficult time to think about taxes. But with a few last-minute maneuvers, you might be able to reduce the amount of money you owe Uncle Sam for 2013. Here are six strategies to consider. But don't delay. Once the ball drops on New Year's Eve, these tax breaks will be gone. 1. Take Charge of Charitable Donations. If you make a donation of cash to charity in Continue Reading

Tax Planning – For Website Design Costs

The business use of websites is widespread, but IRS has not yet issued formal guidance on when Internet website costs can be deducted.Fortunately, established rules that apply to the deductibility of business costs in general, and formal IRS guidance that applies to software costs in particular (the “software guidelines”), provide a taxpayer launching a business website with some guidance as to Continue Reading