Accountants in the Community

FHFFlagel Huber Flagel’s Social and Community Outreach Committee is ready to kick-off the first annual Accountants in the Community week! It’s a great way for us to give back to our communities. It’s also a great way to bond with some of your co-workers. The event will take place the first week of June (June 1-5). On June 5th, Flagel Huber Flagel will be hosting an Accountants in the Community Wrap Up Event! We’re excited to be giving back to the community and are looking forward to making this an annual event.

 Volunteer Locations

Garden Station VolunteersGarden Station (Volunteer Monday, June 1st from 1-4PM):
Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.39.42 AMGarden Station is an art park and community garden in downtown Dayton. They emphasize reuse and recycling and have community garden plots that members of the community can rent for a season. They also have workshops and classes for Dayton locals, particularly children, teaching them how to garden on their own. Individuals interested in volunteering here would be doing things like:weeding, mowing, mulching, planting, etc.


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 9.42.40 AMHouse of Bread VolunteersHouse of Bread (Volunteer Tuesday, June 2nd from 9AM-2PM ):
House of Bread’s mission is to prevent hunger and serve as a bridge to beneficial community resources. The House of Bread serves lunch to anyone who comes in, and they work with these individuals to help meet their other needs by setting them up with other organizations or individuals to help them get back on their feet. The first week of June is one of the busiest times for House of Bread, as it is the beginning of summer for kids – meaning they are busier than ever with children looking for lunch. Individuals volunteering here would be serving lunch for the day.


Freestore-Foodbank-LogoFree Store Foodbank VolunteersCincinnati Food Bank (Volunteer Wednesday, June 3rd from 1-4PM):
The Cincinnati Food Bank helps support families and children in the local area. They take donations of food items and put them to use toward various programs and services. Individuals volunteering here would be doing things such as sorting canned food drive donations and assembling Power Packs. Power Packs are part of the Foodbank’s way to ensure children do not go hungry on the weekends. Each Friday during the school year, the Freestore Foodbank sends bags of food (Power Packs) home with students to ensure they have something to eat on the weekend. Nearly 4,000 children in over 90 schools receive Power Packs each week.


32c307884046387200095b8a22a61afeHumane Society VolunteersHumane Society of Greater Dayton (Volunteer Thursday, June 4th from 1-4PM):
The Humane Society is Dayton’s largest no-kill shelter. In addition to taking in animals, and adopting them out, they have other programs such as pet therapy and humane education programs. Individuals volunteering at the Humane Society will be doing things such as gardening, wrapping candy bars, making adoption packets, and helping with mailings.


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