Matthew F. Deitsch

Matt Deitsch

Matt F.Deitsch

Matthew F. Deitsch, CPA
Tax Manager

“Other firms push sales. I’d rather push myself to serve my current clients above and beyond.”

Matt F. Deitsch’s specialization and emphasis on service made him the perfect addition to the Flagel family in 2015. As one of FHF’s newest tax managers, he hopes for a challenge this next season.

Matt graduated in 2001 from Miami University with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance. After earning his Master of Accountancy the next year, he joined the tax staff at a midsize firm, cutting his teeth on medium and small returns for corporations, partnerships, individuals, trusts, and gifts. Throughout the next 13 years, and multiple mergers, Matt’s tight focus allowed him to gain experience with virtually every kind of tax situation.

As Matt’s repertoire and responsibilities grew, so did his nostalgia for serving individuals and small business owners. When a door opened to return to a more service-oriented environment such as FHF’s, he couldn’t resist. “I still work with companies of all sizes,” says Matt, “but I especially like working with small, privately owned businesses.”

To Matt, tax returns are more than figures, rules, and equations. Each tells the story of a family’s or business owner’s victories and challenges over the past year. Matt views his role as interpreting that story with perfect accuracy. That requires hands-on relationship building, clear communication, and situational sensitivity. He frequently drives between FHF’s Cincinnati and Dayton offices to interact personally with clients.

Matt lives in West Chester with his wife Kristin and their two young sons.

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