Kevin A. Behrle

Kevin A. Behrle

Kevin A. Behrle

Kevin A. Behrle, CPA

“It’s rewarding for me to see my clients succeed.”

A self-described “list guy,” Kevin Behrle was born to excel in the CPA world, in which he plays an integral and leading role—but he hasn’t always known it.

“I was in engineering at Purdue for two years and decided that I didn’t like it,” he recalls. “So I stumbled into a finance major and decided I liked that side of things. It clicked.”

Kevin joined the FHF team right after college and has yet to see his list of accomplishments dry up. He devotes a substantial portion of his time to affordable housing projects in Ohio and Indiana, having learned the LIHTC/HUD nuances of 13 states (and counting). He spends more than two months a year exclusively serving major developers. In the intervening months Kevin stays busy with smaller developers, not-for-profit organizations, employee benefit plans, and closely held businesses.

Surveying his years at Flagel, Kevin notes that in accounting, challenges double as their own reward: “Once you’re past the CPA exam, it’s all about learning what you’re doing, how to run jobs and manage projects smoothly, how to meet and exceed client expectations—and then training staff to do the same.”

Kevin attributes his expertise to the extra time he has dedicated over the years to learning all he can about his clients’ businesses—including how to spot things he doesn’t (rather, didn’t) know. There is no shame in asking for help, he insists. “After all, that’s what your clients need—your help.” Whether righting their books for a loan application or squaring their ledgers in a timely manner, Kevin finds great satisfaction in seeing his clients succeed.

Kevin is a member of the John Purdue Club. He and his wife are raising their two young daughters to be Purdue football fans, aided by season tickets and a gallery of cousins who make games a family affair. “It’s too early to tell” whether the enterprise is successful, “but it’s on the list.”

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